The Sycamore Tree Story (actually God's story!)

August 1999 - "Thunder in the Desert" ministry formed at Fairview UMC with the desire to reach persons who did not yet know Christ. After a ~ of Wednesday night prayer meetings with a very small group of people it was evident that God was getting ready to do a new thing. It was God-initiated!

June 2000 - A plea went out to the congregation at Fairview to submit names of people who did not know Christ. Within a few weeks Jeff baptized his friend Dwight McCarter who made a profession of faith. Other decisions for Christ began occurring through this movement of prayer.

February 2001 - It was evident that God was orchestrating the "planting" of a new church based on pointing people to Jesus. Letters go out to over 100 potential persons to be "missionaries" to start a new church.

June-July 2001 - 40 persons choose to be a part of a Church Plant Team. The United Methodist Church approves the appointment of Jeff Wadley to be the Pastor. The Team is commissioned and begin a six-month journey to study, pray, seek God, visit other church plants, worship and serve together.

August 12, 2001 - First child baptism, Will Hooper, after a profession of faith. A small group is formed and uses the "Experiencing God" study.

Sept. 28-29, 2001 - "Vision Weekend" at Eagle Rock to ask God to show the Team our mission, strategy, purpose and core values. Powerful and fun!

Winter 2002 - A "Prayer Summit" and a "Week of Prayer and Fasting" was called by Jeff to seek God in the details of the new ministry. "Club Truth" begins at Friendsville Elementary. "Shoes for Afghanistan" project netted over 75 pairs of boots and shoes. Our "Prayer Base" was established. More small groups added.

March 3, 2002 - 1st "preview" service at West Chevrolet.

Spring and Summer 2002- Additional Cell group added, our first Confirmation Class, more students baptized. Laura Hopson was our Summer Intern.

Fall 2002 - Weekly services begin. Women's Retreat "Shade of Grace." God gives us a name... Sycamore Tree from Luke 19. First baby baptized, Laura Hitch.

December 12, 2002 - Purchase of Leon Williams Const. Company building

December 24, 2002 - Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion in the new facility

February 16, 2003 - Worship Services begin weekly at the Sycamore Tree. First baby is baptized in new building: Andrew Sliker.